Understand and manage your workforce composition

Generate Greater Value through Risk Mitigation and Knowledge Retention

Workforce composition is critical for any organization to do any sort of planning. Workforce composition is the foundation of planning, as it is the first step is understanding the supply and demographics of your current workforce. Hiper Hipo’s application not only analyzes the number of employees and their skills, but also factors such as workforce demographics in relation to work and strategy. By providing different dimensions and data grains to workforce information you have the capabilities to strategically position the organization to deal with workforce shortages, gaps in relation to future business objectives, compensation challenges, as well as, key business metrics related to various compliance and business certifications.


Workforce analytics

Internal supply analysis providing insight on current workforce capabilities and their ability to meet demand.


Effective budgeting

By aligning the workforce with the business goals the organization will have a detailed picture of employee needs and costs.


Being prepared

Eliminate surprises through insight of critical capabilities and roles the business demands in relation to their strategy. Leverage these capabilities to identify training needs and employee development initiatives.


Eliminate deficiencies

Exceptions and anomalies are identified and investigation and remediation events are triggered to solve for compliance.

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