Who We Are

Who We Are

A leading innovator in strategic workforce planning, Hiper Hipo unlocks the value of your HRMS and HCM methodologies. Hiper Hipo, Inc. is a SaaS platform that delivers strategic workforce planning and organizational design capabilities that create more efficient, effective and profitable enterprises. Now strategic workforce initiatives can be realized by linking the necessary business elements to your workforce to help you successfully achieve your business strategies.

Our Story

Hiper Hipo is changing the way organizations look at their people and how the people look at their organization. Hiper Hipo is passionate about helping organizations solve their most challenging workforce issues.

Even before we were Hiper Hipo, we were doing workforce planning and predictive modeling. This was well before strategic workforce planning was a marketing buzzword. We were developing metrics, dashboards, business intelligence frameworks, forecasts, employee retention programs and modeling capabilities related to business planning and making the finance and operations of the business more “predictable”. And we were doing it in spreadsheets! And spreadsheets make the whole process painfully slow and frustrating for all parties. We tried using other products but other products lack true strategic workforce planning capabilities and effective methods to get leaders and managers to an actionable workforce plan.

We all know the problems, spreadsheets are inaccurate because no one is working off the same data. Spreadsheets are inconsistent because each person does something different. Spreadsheets are not accessible because you cannot access them at any time when you want to see where you are at in your planning process, you have to wait for someone to update the data, clean the data, validate the data, maybe manipulate the data more, verify the algorithms, and the graphs and so on and so forth. Spreadsheets are time consuming. Workforce planning in a spreadsheet is unsustainable! And it is really just more work than it needs to be.

We took our years of experience in strategic workforce planning, management consulting and experience working in the Technology industry building software in Silicon Valley and decided to solve this problem because we were tired of running into the same issues. By removing spreadsheets from the workforce planning process, we have simplified, automated and streamlined strategic workforce planning. We didn’t do this in a silo, we listened to hundreds and hundreds of customers across various sectors and industries (over 100 of the Top Fortune 500) to build software to meet their strategic workforce planning requirements. We developed a strategic workforce planning discipline to shorten the time it takes for organizations to move from reactive to proactive planning. We have developed a strategic workforce planning and organizational design solution to help organizations solve their biggest workforce planning issues to be more efficient, cost effective and better prepared to deliver initiatives to meet the needs of their customers, enabling organizations to carry out their objectives and initiatives with heightened effectiveness.