Staffing Allocations

Replace Your Spreadsheets with Automated, Accurate, and Sustainable Capabilities

You are tired of updating Excel based staffing workbooks for the purpose of staffing allocations at different work locations. These workbooks do not integrate with your other third-party systems to keep the information up-to-date. Your organization needs a better way of gathering, compiling, and sharing staffing allocation data.

Hiper Hipo’s strategic workforce planning application can pull data from multiple data sources and utilize existing logic to adhere to your planning process. Our software can generate scenarios for staffing management based on your existing practices and formulas allowing for a quick and cost effective method to update a manual and time consuming process.


High data integrity

Full integration with third-party systems ensure up to date information.


Meeting your specific business needs

Customization to support your staffing allocation requirements whether it is compliance certifications, tenure requirements, and/or bargaining unit requirements.


Eliminate deficiencies

Exceptions and anomalies are identified and investigation and remediation events are triggered to solve for compliance.


Reduce project risks

Make sure your resources and capabilities are in place when you need them.

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