Align shared services

Effectively Deliver Services by Aligning Business Services to a Global Operating Structure at an Acceptable Cost

Your organization is under pressure to deliver new business services that increase productivity and reduce operational costs. You may have embarked on a shared services initiative to centralize resources and drive synergies across business functions such as human resources, customer service, and operations. However, department specific systems and processes can limit your organization’s ability to create a plan on how to optimize your workforce and deliver cost effective business services.

Hiper Hipo is an ideal foundation for planning on how your workforce is going to migrate to a shared services environment. Our strategic workforce planning and organizational design solution can serve as a common platform for understanding the resources that deliver these services, the type of work they deliver in relation to the service and the cost associated with delivering these services. Our platform can then generate different delivery scenarios based on different types of work and/or cost requirements. Your leaders and managers gain valuable insight in planning for these new services and their impact to the company. Rapidly delivering cost-effective services helps your organization become a strategic business partner.


Management capabilities enable operational efficiencies

Economically modeled risk assessments with build, buy, and borrow options. The right talent inventory that smooths out the ups and downs of the business cycles, knowledge about when the talent supply becomes thin, and awareness on where to find the right talent for an acceptable price.


Free up your team

Move low complexity work to low cost centers allowing your team to focus on high complexity, high value work.


Improved service delivery

Define your services and have a capable workforce in place to ensure they are being delivered effectively at an acceptable cost.

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