Sales Coverage

Generate Greater Value through Risk Mitigation and Knowledge Retention

Make sure your accounts are appropriately covered and each account follows your sales process. Does every account have the right type of resource allocated to it? Don’t jeopardize revenue because your sales representative failed to follow your proven sales process. Did the account manager skip a discovery call and go right to the demo? Understand the “true” cost of each account and the revenue implications to understand account profitability better and the risk should an employee leave. How many people in your workforce complete work for each of your sales accounts? What is the cost of all those people based on the time they spend on each account?

Hiper Hipo’s application can show your organization how all of your accounts are covered with the people working on them, how those accounts align to your products, and your strategy. Our application can demonstrate costs for each of those accounts and what skills are required to sell into those accounts. Our planning capabilities allow you to project what type of resources and how many are needed to meet future demand.


Eliminate revenue risk

Mitigate risk to your revenue by ensuring your sales team is complete, all accounts are covered, and each account has a succession plan for critical roles.


Bridge the gap between your sales strategy and execution

With executive level planning capabilities, create and push plans down into the operational levels of your organization to support your sales strategy. Plans outline account coverage with critical roles, what specific actions managers will take and when. Plans are designed to attract, retain, redeploy, and develop the talent a company needs in order to achieve their sales strategy.


Streamline workforce optimization

Understand your sales talent supply and demand across all of your accounts streamlining sales management and account coverage.

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