Reducing Costs

Reduce Costs Intelligently

Your organization is under pressure to reduce operational costs. Reducing costs is not simply attempting to slash any and all expenses unmethodically. The manager must understand the nature of the expenses and how expenses relate to work in alignment to the business strategy. To reduce costs does not mean only the reduction of specific expenses. An organization can achieve greater profits through more efficient use of the expense dollar. This could be shifting work so that the lower cost workforce takes on low complexity high volume work, while the higher cost workforce focuses on the strategic value-add work. Determining the price for these operations goes beyond knowing what the expenses are but where they lie in relation to skills and work. What are you paying for the different skills across your organizations? Does a project manager who builds project plans get paid in one organization versus another? Are you paying too much for a project management skill or a .Net skill? Our software knows.

Hiper Hipo’s application demonstrates workforce expenses by work, skills, strategy and many other dimensions helping your organization make intelligent data driven decisions and trade-offs making the most of your workforce expenses. With our application you will know the worth of your expenditures and you can increase profit by making small improvements in expenses.


Workforce spend reduction

Greater visibility into workforce supply and demand and their capabilities. Don’t overspend on capabilities by implementing a pay strategy in line with company needs, lower turnover rates by identifying new opportunities that fit employee career interests and capabilities. Visibility preventing your organization from over hiring and then not having the capacity to reduce the workforce to necessary levels without incurring the financial burden related to workforce reductions and the damage done to employee morale.


Management capabilities enable operational efficiencies

Economically modelled risk assessments with build, buy, and borrow options. The right talent inventory that smooths out the ups and downs of the business cycles, knowledge about when the talent supply becomes thin, and awareness on where to find the right talent for an acceptable price.


Workforce cost implications

Weigh your workforce cost against your strategy, adjust investments accordingly, and identify cost outliers. Capabilities developed to manage labor costs without the need for large-scale layoffs of permanent employees.

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