People Planner

Product Description

Hiper Hipo People Planner is an express workforce planning application built and certified on the ServiceNow platform. Hiper Hipo People Planner simplifies and streamlines the workforce planning process helping your organization match its people needs to business demand. The coupling of People Planner’s capabilities with the intelligent service management expertise of ServiceNow creates a valuable solution for the market.  We have taken what were previously hundreds of different flows of information contained in myriad spreadsheets and reduced to them to a single, intuitive experience for your organization.  With user-friendly navigation throughout, the solution allows for the management, facilitation and financial reconciliation of the overall people planning process.  The result is a smarter, more strategic people planning capability that reduces complexity, increases efficiency, and gives you that competitive edge you’re seeking.

Product Overview

Key Features

Organizations gain a holistic view into workforce demand to help drive predictability of capabilities needed and headcount cost. As a result of a single, streamlined workflows organizations reduce their costs both in technology, people and process time. By harnessing the power of timely data at your fingertips your organization will have greater transparency and better decision-making across all functions. Hiper Hipo People Planner enables workforce planning by helping; HR promote capability conversations, Finance support the budgeting process and reconciliation, I/T reduce risk through security and compliance, and helps the business secure the resources they require before it is too late.