Organizational Design

Design Highly Effective Organizations at an Acceptable Cost

The heart of organizational design is structure. The structure is only as good as the people operating within it and how well they’re matched to their jobs. The business results a structure delivers, the location of each function, and the authority of each function within its domain give each organization its structure and controls how it performs.

Organizational design starts with self-reflection: What is the organization’s sense of purpose? How does your organization make a difference for your customers or employees? What is your competitive advantage now and in the future? What differentiating capabilities allow your organization to deliver value over the next three to five years? For many leaders, answering these questions becomes difficult because of the lack of relevant information forcing leaders outside their comfort zone.

Our software is core to understanding the current state of the organization.  It enables leaders to visualize how current skills, people, work and results are linked to strategy.  Leaders can utilize our application to model different future state organizational designs to see how it impacts work and resources.  Move, add or eliminate organizational strategies and see how it impact resources.  Move, add or eliminate skills and people to visualize how the organizational structure will be impacted.  Take the subjectivity and guess work out of the traditional method of organizational design.  Leverage the necessary information to design highly effective organizations.


Ensure organizational alignment

Address one of the largest problems enterprise companies face today, the ability to align resources with company strategies. Eliminate rework by getting your organizational design right the first time by aligning your resources to your deliverables, initiatives and strategies. Model your org design and perform “what if” analysis to ensure you have the most efficient design and can generate the maximum output.


Improve decision making - Built in system of “checks and balances”

Regardless of where you are in your strategy lifecycle, visibility into the organization’s ability to facilitate the attainment of goals through coordination of people and work is evaluated along the way so any required adjustments can be made and any new decisions can be taken.


Increasing operational efficiency

Reduce work redundancies, identify critical roles and work that enable your organization to grow.


Reduce costs

Deliver services that meet customer needs at an acceptable cost.

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