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Hiper Hipo’s strategic workforce planning platform is built for service organizations. Every aspect of a company’s internal operations must be aligned to ensure the organizational design supports the organization’s purpose or rather business strategy. Companies are considering new ways of digitizing and automating back-end functions to optimize company performance. Hiper Hipo’s strategic workforce planning platform helps organizations not only define core competencies and job roles required to support an increasingly digital business but also the strategy to support resourcing these different services. As the services or strategy of an organization changes so does the shape of the organization.

Using a structured innovative planning methodology, Hiper Hipo helps you leverage your current workforce to deliver new services in an efficient and effective manner. This new approach makes it easy to manage complex business dependencies and your workforce. You can track and visualize your workforce based on service delivery dependencies and drive continuous improvement in your service portfolio.


Right staffing levels

Improve your service margins by projecting the right staffing level required to achieve your projected service revenue.  Model your service growth and perform “what if” analysis to accurately see how ramping a new service impacts your resources.  Incorporate those new service models into your existing workforce plan with ease to understand the organizational impact


Improve budgeting

Understand the true cost of developing and delivering a new service to achieve desired margins.


Quicker time to market

Align your workforce to be better positioned to execute strategic initiatives


Reduce project risks

Make sure your resources and capabilities are in place when you need them.

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