Mergers & Acquisitions

Generate greater value through risk mitigation and knowledge retention

A critical part of mergers and acquisitions is the acquiring company’s ability to evaluate and assess the incoming company’s talent, determine if there are overlaps, redundancies, gaps and desired expertise.  Failure to properly evaluate incoming talent can lead to unnecessary headcount costs, additional hiring and delays to reaching the desired outcomes of the acquisition.

Enable your integration strategy through the use of Hiper Hipo’s application. You can inventory employee skills, capabilities and experience aligned to the work they do.  Easily search a single source to identify desired expertise or critical skill gaps.  Compare incoming employee’s skills, capabilities, experience and work to your current workforce to determine redundancies and overlaps.  Create “what-if” scenarios to determine how to integrate incoming resources by using cost, actual work, skills, location and current organizational structure.  Let our application help you make informed workforce decisions to enable a smooth integration.


Generate greater value

Generate greater value by retaining implicit knowledge and subject matter experts. Retain key executives to utilize their talent and expertise.


Mitigate personnel, financial and legal risk

Better visibility into scale, scope, and change management implications of the integration and the level of assimilation required between the affected departments, divisions, subsidiaries and leadership and management teams.


Streamline workforce optimization

Understand talent supply and demand across all organizations streamlining the management of workforce transitions.


Identifying work and skill redundancies

Gain insights to cross organization/team work and skill redundancies. Eliminate waste and improve operational efficiencies by de-investing, moving or repurposing these resources to make your organization/team more agile and quicker to respond to changes in strategy.

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