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Easily Create and Deploy Workforce Plans Throughout Your Organization

Workforce planning is essential to high-performing organizations. The most tangible asset of most organizations is the workforce. Despite its importance, the workforce is not carefully planned, measured or optimized. Many leaders are not sufficiently aware of the current or future workforce gaps that will limit execution of their business strategy. The few that are aware, are asking for a plan to close the gap before it grows larger.

Hiper Hipo’s strategic workforce planning software helps organizations close the gap between strategy and execution. Our software helps organizations understand the workforce supply and demand in relation to work and strategy, helping organizations plan as opposed to react. Hiper Hipo delivers a consolidated plan for an entire organization and subsets of the plan to each team within the organization. This helps managers to execute to their specific plan and allows leaders track the organization against its short, medium, and long-term goals.


Competitive advantage

Builds competitive advantage through planned versus reactive workforce management.


Bridge the gap between strategy and execution

With executive level planning capabilities, create and push plans down into the operational levels of your organization. Plans outline what specific actions managers will take and when. Plans are designed to attract, retain, redeploy, and develop the talent a company needs in order to achieve their business strategy.


Management capabilities enable operational efficiencies

Economically modelled risk assessments with build, buy, and borrow options. The right talent inventory that smooths out the ups and downs of the business cycles, knowledge about when the talent supply becomes thin, and awareness on where to find the right talent for an acceptable price.


Workforce spend reduction

Greater visibility into workforce supply and demand and their capabilities. Don’t overspend on capabilities by implementing a pay strategy in line with company needs, lower turnover rates by identifying new opportunities that fit employee career interests and capabilities. Visibility preventing your organization from over hiring and then not having the capacity to reduce the workforce to necessary levels without incurring the financial burden related to workforce reductions and the damage done to employee morale.


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