Management Consulting & Software Services

Management Consulting & Software Services

Experienced Strategic Workforce Planning Expertise

Business planning needs to be handled effectively and efficiently. Hiper Hipo provides the consulting services and software capabilities to deliver workforce planning. Our integrated capability captures headcount and capability demand, as well as, the resourcing strategy to attract and retain what your business demands.

Whether your business is trying to execute strategies such as; location strategy, growth business with a repeatable footprint, evolving workforce capabilities, optimizing the workforce for efficiency.

Strategic Workforce Planning consulting and software services from Hiper Hipo, ensures you are successful!

We understand for you to be successful, workforce planning is more than just software. Hiper Hipo’s consulting services are an extension of your team so clients to take advantage of our capabilities and expertise. We will help you establish a strong planning foundation for your workforce planning services then automate those capabilities specific to your business in our cloud-based solution so you can scale across the enterprise without spreadsheet-based processes. Our solution digitizes and automates information flows between all systems, enterprise wide.

Whether that is building workforce planning models specific to your organization, helping you stand up a new workforce planning service or any other special workforce planning need, we are here to help you be successful!


Hiper Hipo provides customer-centric services to help create value and success. We strive to help customers go from where they are to where they want to be quickly and efficiently as possible.

Alignment: Align HR’s workforce planning capabilities with business strategies to ensure goals are supported the best way possible. Inform what roles are important for business growth to be able to drive talent investment.

Insight: Workforce planning helps identify existing gaps your workforce could benefit from and will help quantify talent requirements to meet goals.

Efficiency Gains: Automation tangibly improves the planning process efficiency and speed. Improves employee retention rate, interview-to-hire rate, save time in the recruitment process and decrease recruitment costs.

Flexibility: Modernization, digitization, consolidation and standardization mean enhanced planning agility.

Visibility: HR, Finance, IT, Facilities and the business have visibility to the workforce plan. Each team is working from the same plan saving energy, time and money.

Become a truly service-centric workforce planning organization with seamless cross-system processes for your planning needs – with Hiper Hipo. Ask us how we’ve helped other clients!

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