Concerned With Losing Talent

Avoid Costs Associated with Lost Productivity by Creating Engaging & Motivating Plans

Today’s workforce composition can change quickly. Employees retire, are persuaded away by competitors or can become distracted in their work for personal reasons. The loss of a single salesperson can have a significant effect in an organization’s ability to achieve their revenue goals. A good manager who leaves can affect the team moral and disrupt team productivity. Organizations recognize the workforce at the end of the year may look different than the plan in the beginning of the year. Is your company prepared for the consequences of such events or their impact on your business? Most aren’t.
Our software can helps organizations understand drivers of attrition such as compensation, internal mobility and employee engagement. Greater visibility into workforce capability spend can help set the internal market for capabilities in relation to different levels work. Our software enhances succession planning, internal mobility, employee engagement and retention by helping organizations plan and prepare employees to develop the skills and experience needed to progress their careers in alignment to their goals as well as the goals of the organization. Resulting in lower attrition costs, hiring costs and lost productivity as a result of a vacated position.


Avoid costs of lost productivity

Proactive, line of sight into workforce supply risks that need to be addressed to meet workforce demand requirements minimizes organizational surprise by providing lead-time to address future workforce gaps with minimal disruption to the business.


Over paying for the wrong skill sets

Identify critical talent based on a holistic view of your workforce.  Determine the true value of skills and capabilities directly linked to critical business results or outputs.  Create compensation plans and programs that will have a verifiable impact on business results.


Enable employee retention

Create meaningful career paths that motivate employees and create compensation plans based on capabilities and performance that grows your business. Develop succession plans based on performance and potential taking into account the entire organization to build strong leadership inspiring your workforce, keeping the workforce engaged, and maintain company loyalty.


Eliminate revenue risk

Mitigate risk to your revenue by ensuring your sales team is complete, all accounts are covered, and each account has a succession plan for critical roles.

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