Change in Strategy

Easily Create and Deploy New Workforce Plans to Support Your New Strategy

Every time the strategy changes, including when there’s a shift to a new stage of the execution lifecycle, the organization needs to re-evaluate and change to the structure to support the current strategy. Design must both support the current business strategy and allow the organization to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs over time. People are what bring strategic initiatives to life. If the initiative does not take into account a workforce plan demonstrating volume, types of employees, and the attributes of each employee necessary to bring the plan to fruition, it will lose momentum, cost more than expected, and possibly fail to achieve the goal.

We know that being prepared is better than being surprised. Workforce planning is a systemic, fully integrated organizational process than involves proactively planning ahead to avoid talent surpluses or shortages. If a company is more efficient, it can avoid the need for layoffs or panic hiring. Our application aligns attributes, people, and work to a company’s strategy. At any given time, our application knows who is aligned to each strategy and all the demographics that go with it.

Do you want to build a new strategy based on an old one? Our application does that. Do you need to move or reduce employees because of a strategy going away? Our application can tell you who and how much of their time is being applied to that strategy. Did your business environment or workforce change in relation to an existing strategy? No worries, our workforce plan will update taking into account these changes and many more. According to your plan, you need to hire this quarter? No problem, we will push the information of those roles over to your application tracking system to create those requisitions. Hiper Hipo’s strategic workforce planning application provides insight and visibility across the entire organization making for better data driven decisions to support your business.


Talent supply and demand insight

Understand talent supply and demand across all initiatives. Find resources for realignment preventing over hiring.


Ensure organizational alignment

Address one of the largest problems enterprise companies face today, the ability to align resources with company strategies.  Eliminate waste by building better workforce plans that align perfectly to your initiatives and strategies.  Easily justify the need for more resources by viewing the graphically enhanced alignment graphs.


Identifying work and skill redundancies

Gain insights to cross organization/team work and skill redundancies.  Eliminate waste and improve operational efficiencies by de-investing, moving or repurposing these resources to make your organization/team more agile and quicker to respond to changes in strategy.


Bridge the gap between strategy and execution

With executive level planning capabilities, create and push plans down into the operational levels of your organization. Plans outline what specific actions managers will take and when. Plans are designed to attract, retain, redeploy, and develop the talent a company needs in order to achieve their business strategy


Workforce cost implications

Weigh your workforce cost against your strategy, adjust investments accordingly, and identify cost outliers. Capabilities developed to manage labor costs without the need for large-scale layoffs of permanent employees.

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