Achieving organizational goals

Organizational Design

Replace old organizational design (OD) frameworks that can seem complex and lack necessary information with a collaborative framework and automated modeling capabilities to help you prioritize the necessary elements of your organization. Create a more effective organization, focused on improving results aligned to your strategic initiatives delivered by employees who are motivated and committed to performance making the most of top talent.

With Hiper Hipo OD, you can refine, structure and realign organizational capabilities to fit the organization’s purpose or strategy. Hiper Hipo Insight is the foundation for OD providing the necessary current state information required to allow you to build on your strengths and improve business performance. Model future state organizational designs and define custom business rules to determine gaps in process, capabilities and resources. Hiper Hipo Planning will assist you in developing a comprehensive transition plan that your leaders and managers can execute and oversee its progress.

Focus on People

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Organizational Design provides the framework and capabilities to create well-structured organizations that facilitate the attainment of business goals and objectives. Through identification and alignment of work, organizations can eliminate overlapping and duplicate work, apply the right skills and capabilities to higher priority and more complex work and identify gaps in resources and capabilities. An accurate and effective transition plan can drive the change required to improve efficiencies, reduce time to market and increase sales revenue.  A good organizational structure provides the foundation for effective planning making organizations more efficient, effective, and profitable.